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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mount Bawakaraeng stand with a height of 2.830m above sea level, and be in a position 119 ° 56'40 "East Longitude and 05 ° 19'01" South Latitude. and minimum temperatures are around 17 ° C to a maximum of 25 ° C. Mountain forest vegetation is dominated by lowland forest low, below the mountains of forests and montane forests above. Plants are mostly found among Type pine, orchids, edelweiss, ferns, pandanus, cloves, santigi, rattan, lichens and others. Whereas for this type of fauna that can be found, among others, Anoa, wild boar, birds sucking honey, brown bird beak length and others. This mountain is a water catchment for blood Gowa, Makassar and Sinjai. It is also an headwaters Jene 'indignation. And the Forest Tour. The mountain is also included into the Forest Protected Lompobatang. 

Mount Bawakaraeng which according to the surrounding community have a sense Carry = Mouth and Karaeng = God, if translated into Mount Bawakaraeng = Mountain Mouth of God, including into the territory of the region Lompobatang Forest Preserve. In the months leading up Idhul Adha, the mountain is according to the population will be very crowded, since most small communities in Gowa regency believe if climbing Mount Bawakaraeng, the same by traveling to the Holy Land, be the term Haji Bawakaraeng. Mount Bawakaraeng who position very close to the sea, also at night Makassar city looks so beautiful from the top Bawakaraeng, it turns out save a lot of the mystery of this mountain, and many mythical legends also inherent in the mountains ini.Dibalik that, as who most frequently visited mountain and in the month - the month in the rainy season, weather conditions on the mountain is becoming very bad and frequent storms in the mountains lompobatang. The best time is usually the recommended visits at months from May to September, because in that month rather good weather and natural scenery will be so visible beautiful. 

 The mountain is located just 75 km from Makassar and make favorites for mountain climbers in the City Makassar and sekitarnya.Rute PendakianSecara Geographic, Mount Bawakaraeng located in Gowa District, will but the achievement of the summit of this mountain can be done from two lanes namely, Lembanna pathway which is also located in Gowa regency. And the only path is the path Tassoso 'located in the District Sinjai. lane lembanna.

Lembanna located adjacent to the North Sea Bawakaraeng peak. This area is also located right at the foot of the mountain Bawakaraeng with a height of 1.400m above sea level, the position coordinates of 119 ° 54'18 "East Longitude and 05 ° 15'15" South Latitude. Livelihood population is farming. The rainfall average is 2.034mm/year with minimum air temperature 15 ° C and maximum of 20 ° C. general population was Makassar ethnic or indigenous people, and generally willing to house used for overnight. Villages in the district who included High Muzzle, Gowa regency, better known with the local village Malino.Masyarakat Lembana Tourism is very welcoming and friendly, many climbers who free stay at home residents before the climb, Every weekend this place is always visited by climbers who want to climb mountains Bawakaraeng or people who simply enjoy a relaxing holiday at the foot of the mountain Bawakaraeng. 

The sequence following the achievement of Makassar: Makassar -> Sungguminasa -> Accord -> Lembanna -> The peak of Mount Bawakaraeng If coming from Makassar Sulawesi island or from Outside, up to the city transportation Terminal Gowa, or it could be down at the intersection Sunggu Minasa, road directions to the Malino. From here, Transport Rural majoring in Malino, travel time approximately 2-3 hours drive. Transportation driver usually already know, if no climber who will climb Bawakaraeng, Transport driver will drive up to the village of lembanna. Last Village at the foot of the mountain Bawakaraeng. Tariff per person Rp. 8000. The climbers spent the night in general advance in the Village lembanna, who had a height of 1400 masl, just started climbing the next morning. Or it could be done climbing at night hari. Village Lembanna.

The climb begins from the village of Lembanna, the terrain is in the form of plantations and the population began to enter the door of Pine Forest and to achieve a post takes 1-2 hours trip. Post 1 Post a reply from the altitude reaches 1650 m asl, continue climbing ramps up to reach Post 2, it takes no more than 1 hour drive, here are the eyes of dead water mengalir. Post 2 The journey has not been too climb, still ramps and began to enter the forest vegetation typical of Sulawesi, travel time was different from Heading 1 to Heading 2, Heading 3 In the post three springs are also available and can be set up tent. Post 4 Heading 4 in the travel in more than 1 hour journey and travel at up to Heading 5, in the post 5 there eyes water, it's just pretty much. Usually I post 5 is used to overnight. Post 5 From Post 5, the journey began to climb and along the way will pass through fallen trees because of Pos 5-6, the forest was burned, if climbing at night should be careful, because here usually climbers often lost, because the path was so terlihat. Post 6 When he arrived at the Post 6, the journey through the forest who is still quite dense, the journey continues to ramp and started to climb and forests began to disappear a different forest vegetation change and after 2 hours away, will arrive in Post 7, who had altitude of 2710 mdpl. Post 7 In Post 7 scenery is very beautiful and quite open. Mailed 7 It is this common storm. Post 8 From Post 7 to 8, the path starts going up and down, along the path there are two graves, and there are also In-memoriam climbers who died, after passing through two hills who have an average altitude of 2700 masl, the line will decrease and Arrive at the Post 8, available here springs, and usually spend the night here a new climber to the summit the next morning Bawakaraeng. Landscape grass savanna and the peak of the post 8 Bawakaraeng seen this, the temperature at night between 8-10 derajat. Post 9 After passing through the savanna and there are gardens edelweiss then will the Post 9 in takes about an hour away, in post 9 also can be used to establish tent. Post 10 Heading 10 is the peak Bawakaraeng. To reach the top Bawakaraeng, was not too difficult, although slightly to climb. After taking about ½ hour drive, it will arrive in the Peak Bawakaraeng. 

Should prior to the summit of attention at the peak of natural conditions, sometimes the wind was blowing pretty tight. Alternative route can also use traffic lane, which pass through the valley of Rama, from Heading 1 there is branching road, take the right lane and tembuh in Post 8, the line was pretty long and pretty who pass through the valley beyond, could see Taka Hammer Falls who had a height of 50 meters. Alternative traffic routes Lompobatang, Ascent can also cross to the Mount LompoBatang through Bawakaraeng peaks and down in Gowa regency, according to information required trip 3 days.

Lane Tassoso, Tassoso Hamlet 'is adjacent to the summit of Mount Bawakaraeng Northeast. These areas are arriving just below the foot This mountain and located at an altitude of 1.320m above sea level, on the position coordinates of 119 ° 58'38 "East Longitude and 05 ° 58'55" South Latitude. Eye population are subsistence farming. The rainfall average is 78.7mm/year with minimum air temperature 15 ° C and maximum 27 ° C. The sequence following the achievement of Makassar: Makassar -> West Sinjai (Manipi) -> Silver Mountain (Tassoso) -> Peak Mountain Peak Bawakaraeng State When it came a top Bawakaraeng, scenery at the top of this, including who the best in Sulawesi, it's no wonder every busy week in climbing this mountain by hikers who generally come from South Sulawesi, as well as from other provinces.

Well there are sacred by the people who, usually they take the water from these wells to the bawapulang, there are also commonplace stone used for offerings. Broad peak of approximately 100 m2, scenery Sea and Makassar in the west, on the east clouds look thick and silent clot, in the south Mount Bawakaraeng and look southward, is the Mount Lompobatang 2871 masl, can traverse through the Mount Bawakaraeng. The travel time for the ascent of Mount Bawakaraeng, when averaged over the last village of approximately 6-8 hour trip. Licensing not there is a convoluted licensing to climb this mountain, only need to report to the head local villages and to be much better to include a letter that accompanied the complete data path of the climber. Presence Porter Lembanna village, most residents are willing to take and at once became Porter, it's just not there tariff perspicuity.

Depending on the deal. Places of Interest There are some interesting places that can be visited around the mountain is among others waterfalls in the region Tassoso 'Degnan 50 meters high and lies at an altitude of 1.470m asl Can be achieved by with the distance walking 5 hours round trip, in addition to the waterfall there are also several caves. In the region Lembanna also found a waterfall with a height of 15 meters and is situated at an altitude of 1.514m d.p.l and can be reached by foot. Consuming approximately 1 hour travel time round trip.

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