Mount Rinjani Lombok

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mountain at an altitude of 3726 meters asl (above sea level) that lie within the national park covering an area of ​​41,330 acres, offers natural charm that can invite admiration. That's why you travel less than complete if you have not visited the Mount Rinjani. Beautiful panorama along the route that stretched from west to lombok lombok eastern, natural blend of mountain rain forest with savanna typical southeastern homeland.

In the valley immediately west of the lake there are chicks that the extent of 1,100 hectares. lakes which are diketinggian 2008 mdlp has water that smelled of sulfur. Apart from its beauty in the midst of a new volcanic mountain lake appears, that by the local community diberu names new mountain finger, which means Mountain incipient. and for those of you who have a penchant fishing can remove melting with fishing.

Mount Rinjani is a very in skralkan for both local communities who are Muslims, Hindus, and those who adhered to watu telu, People of Hindu worship celebration held once every 1 year at the event which they call pakeleman, which usually falls in September years BC. And at that time hundreds of Hindus biassanya both natives and who come from lombok bali will meet at the campsite near the lake.

On the other hand every month birthday on the local community who also held a ritual religion of Islam, in addition to pray to be blessed also perform healing therapy, where the local community strongly believes will hasiat hot water bath at Rinjani to menyembuhakan various diseases.

Permandiaan can unwind after a climb. In forging this bath you can find many places with different temperatures calm, from the most heat, heat to a medium.

From the heights 2800meter DLP you can see the sunset. The sun will tengelam slowly behind the mountains sengkareng. Mount Rinjani is the mainstay of the island is tourism in order to attract tourists.
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