Mount Latimojong

Friday, December 16, 2011

Latimojong Mountain is one of the unique mountain in Sulawesi with a peak of seven exotic. Stretching from north to south in the middle of the island, Mount Latimojong recorded in the area of ​​administrative Enrekang, South Sulawesi.

Mount Latimojong culminates seven, more accurately called mountains with volcanic bodies which coincides with each other and form a unique formation. Highest peak with an altitude of 3478 masl triumphant. Not exaggerating when Mount Latimojong is called "Big Mountain."

Seven regular longitudinal peak is as follows.

1. Clogged Sinaji (2430 mdpl)
2. Clogged Sikolong (2754 mdpl)
3. Chain clogged Kambola (3083 mdpl)
4. Chain clogged Mario (3430 mdpl)
5. Clogged Nenemori (3097 mdpl)
6. Clogged Bajaja (2,700 mdpl)
7. Clogged Latimojong (2800 mdpl)

Arguably, the number seven is the number of exotic and mystical, so also with the Mount Latimojong mystical and exotic. Its beauty lies along the ascent, and so strong mystical color in it.
Aroma Mystic Mountain Latimojong

According to local belief, the mountain is said to be the origin of the ancestors of the Enrekang, Toraja, Luwu, and Bone. This belief is coupled with mystical confidence that comes from the local legends that are dominated by tribal spines, spines that communicate using language. They inhabit the area until Authorship Baraka on Mount Latimojong route, and the majority of coffee farmers.

Dorsal tribes believe that their ancestors bersemayang in certain places at Mount Latimojong. So it is with a variety of places considered to have a watchman. For visitors who want to climb Mount Latimojong it always gets advice from climbing guides.

"Use of rattan bracelets," he used to say the guides.

For some people living in the surrounding Mount Latimojong, wearing a bracelet wicker is believed to protect the climber from Mount Latimojong disorder or guardian spirits. Appropriate local customary beliefs, rattan bracelets are a symbol that their visit carefully. Therefore, rattan bracelets are a symbol of their ancestors who reputedly named Janggok Riri and Grandma Menga.

Mystical aroma also looked at local belief that requires attention to the signs of nature. For example, the belief that when we hear the sound of birds then it's a good sign and could continue climbing. However, if not the sound of birds but the hum of bees, should climbers back down because it is a bad sign.

Yes, believe it or not, the trust that has so far remained well guarded by the visitors and the community surrounding mountains can prevent them from calamity or such disasters that have occurred in other mountain. Although some rationalist group considers that belief and nothing disastrous, but not so with the belief of the people there.

In spite of everything, for every visitor who was going to visit a new area, be it mountain or otherwise advised to follow local wisdom prevailing in the area to avoid things that are not desirable.
Routes Climbing Mount Latimojong
Generally, access to climbing Mount Latimojong starts from District Baraka. This area can be reached from Makassar directions by public transport, and get off at Cakke. From Cakke, local transportation available to Baraka.

From Baraka, followed by a trip to the andes Dea. Transportation is available usually microbus or a motorcycle taxi. From then to the hamlet Buntu Dea Latimojong by foot. Similar journey continues towards the hamlet Karuaja which is located right in the valley. From this village, to the last village at the foot of Mount Latimojong, namely the village of Authorship.

The climbers usually stay at home residents in the village of Authorship to wait for the right time to start climbing. In addition, in this village they can prepare physically and supplies to climb Mount Latimojong the exotic.
Seven Mountain Ascent Pos Latimojong Climbing Mount Latimojong has seven headings, namely :

Climbing Mount Latimojong Post 1 - andes Kaciling

Kaciling impasse are the first item that will go through if you're doing the climb on Mount Latimojong. Authorship of the village towards the Post a short walk along the river Salu Authorship.
The road began to climb with a slope of 50-70 degrees. In this track there are a lot of branching. Kaciling impasse lies at an altitude of 1800 masl, is an open flat area about the size of 4 square meters.

Climbing Mount Latimojong Post 2 - Cave Gloves Pakpak

Gloves Pakpak Cave is the second post that will be crossed during the ascent of Mount Latimojong. This pathway is contoured terrain up and down the side of the valley with a river flowing. In the post area measuring 4 feet square with a unique location at the bottom of this cliff, climbers usually set up a tent and stay overnight.

Climbing Mount Latimojong Post 3 - Lantang Nase

Extreme terrain dominate this track with steep climbs a slope of 80 degrees. If a little off guard, could be a death trap in which the climber fell backwards. Nase loud at an altitude of 1940 masl. this place well into the third post that traversed during a climb of Mount Latimojong.

Climbing Mount Latimojong Post 4 - Andes Lebu

The line was less extreme before. Slope is decreased to the range of 60-70 degrees. However, high vigilance is still required to avoid things that are not desirable. Pos Buntu Lebu at an altitude of 2140 masl, is a flat area covering an area of ​​6 square feet of enclosed grove of trees.

Climbing Mount Latimojong Post 5 - Soloh Tama

Located at an altitude of 2480 masl, this area with a capacity of ten tents. Is a flat area located on the ridge with a panoramic view of captivating. Soloh Tama also commonly used as a place to sleep by the climbers of Mount Latimojong ..

Climbing Mount postal Latimojong Post 6 - Peep Seven Summits Latimojong

Located at an altitude of 2690 masl. From this post, is starting to look Latimojong ranks the top seven. In this post, hikers can begin to peek at the beauty of the seven peaks of Mount Latimojong the exotic.

Climbing Mount postal Latimojong Post 7 - Kolong andes

Under the andes located at an altitude of 3100 masl. Lane road trails have been repaired. And from here, it's obvious that the seven peaks of Mount Latimojong welcomes climbers lined up neatly.

From this last heading, climbing Mount Latimojong that actually starts. Beginning with a fork in the road in an open area, the path to the left towards the top of Mike Chain, the path to the right end of the 30 ° to the top Nenemori, whereas 90 ° to the right path is the path leading down to Palopo.
Mountain peaks of the Exotic Latimojong
Chain Mario peak is the highest peak of Mount Latimojong. This beautiful peak is still covered with natural vegetation forests. From the top of the cold and foggy, free eye view of nature. Enrekang was in a mystical and sacred gloom.

Nenemori peak is not less than Rante Mario drugged. Path to Nenemori large high wooded forest dominated by a thick blanket of moss slippery. If lucky, climbers can meet anoa, the Sulawesi fauna typical of the less populated and included in the protected animal.
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