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Sunday, October 9, 2011

History of Mountain Climbing and Rock Climbing in Indonesia 1492 A group of French people under the leadership of Anthoine de Ville Mont Aiguille try rock climbing (2097 m), Vercors Massif region. Obscure their true goals, but the clear, until a few decades later, the people who ride down the rock cliffs in the Alps are the hunters chamois, a type of mountain goat. So they climb forced by livelihood, more or less resemble the downloaders bird's nest caves in the cliffs or Karang Bolong East Kalimantan, Central Java.

In the Year 1623
Yan Carstensz is the first European to see "... .. very high mountains, in some places covered with snow! "in the interior of New Guinea. The snow was very close to the equator. His report could not be trusted in Europe, but not long ago reported there was also snow in the Andes near the equator.

In the Year 1624
Still related to the job as well, Jesuit priests are the first Europeans who crossed the Himalayas, rather Mana Pass (pass = saddle / ridge that stretches between two peaks), and the Garhwal region of India to Tibet.

In the Year 1760
Professor de Saussure seems so in love with Mont Blanc in the French-Italian border, so he offered a large reward to anyone who can find a path to the peak, for the scientific investigation of his dreams. Unfortunately no one was interested, especially as frightened of the dragons who supposedly mbaurekso atop the highest mountain in Western Europe.

In the Year 1786
After some failed experiments, peak of Mont Blanc (4807 m) of the human grasp. They are Dr.Michel-Gabriel Paccard and a mountain guide, Jacques Balmat. The highest peak in the Alps which was previously unclimbed Lysjoch (4153 m), in 1778.

In the Year 1830
Alexander Gardiner Saddlery Karakoram traverse of Sinkiang in China to the Kashmir region of India.

In the Year 1852
Surveying experts in India succeeded in determining the height of Peak XV, 8840 meters. Means the highest peak in the world, beat Peak VIII (Kangchenjunga, 8598 m) that were previously considered to be the highest. Peak XV was then given the name Everest (though originally the Nepalese call it Sagarmatha, or Chomolungma said Tibetans). Later corrected altitude, 8888 meters, then corrected again to 8848 feet, until now.

In the Year 1854
The first stone of the Golden Age in the Alps climbing world, laid by Alfred Wills's ascent to the summit in Wetterhom (3708 m), the precursor of mountain climbing as a sport.

In the Year 1857
Alpine Club who first established, in England.

In the Year 1858
Altitude K2 (Karakoram abbreviation number 2) measured, 8610 meters, again shifting the position of Kangchenjunga won three.

In the Year 1865
Mont Blanc south wall climbing for the first time through the trajectory of Old Brenva, marking the birth of rock ice (ice climbing). Meanwhile in the middle of the Alps, Edward Whymper and six colleagues managed to reach the peak of the Matterhorn (4474 m) in Switzerland. But four members of the team, which tied together in a single rope, was killed on the way down, when one slipped and dragged the other falls. This unfortunate ending 11 years of the Golden Age. Could not help more than 180 major peaks have been climbed in those days, at least once, and more than half the British people.

In the Year 1874
WA Coolidge and Wetterhorn Jungfrau Peak climb in winter, so the title of Mr. Winter Climbing. In the 1870s, this emerging new trend, climbing without a guide, who soon became a measure of pride among climbers.

In the Year 1878
Clinton Dent led the team that managed to climb the Aiguille du Dru in France, sparked a new trend again, which is climbing the cliffs that is not how high but steep and difficult.

In the Year 1883
WW Graham became the first European to visit the Himalayan Mountains with the goal of climbing as a sport and adventure. He climbed several peaks in the lower region and Sikkim India Nanda Devi, reportedly even made it to Changabang Peak (6864 m).

In the Year 1895
The first trial-altitude mountain climbing above 8000 meters, Nanga Parbat (8125 m), by AF Mummery. The English are often called Father of Modern Mountain Climbing is lost at an altitude of about 6000 meters.

In the Year 1899
Dutch cartographers in the expeditions to discover the truth Irian Yan Carstensz report, which made nearly three centuries earlier. Hence its name immortalized in situ.

In the Year 1902
The first experiment to climb K2, the expedition from England.

In the Year 1907
Expedition under Tom Longstaff Trisul climbing (7120 m), 7000's peak of the first. Longstaff was the first person who tried to use an oxygen tank in the ascent.

In the Year 1909
Expeditions Birds of the British Association of Experts (BPUE) into the marshes south of the Carstensz area. Within 16 months they lost 16 people dead and 120 sick members.

In the Year 1910
Karabiner for the first time used in mountain climbing, introduced by climber-climber from Munich, West Germany, inspired by its use in fire brigades.

In the Year 1912
Ex-member expedition BPUE 1090, Dr.AFR Wallaston, returned to New Guinea with C. Bodden Kloss, with 224 porters and soldiers. Three people died.

In the Year 1921
George L. Mallory et al. successfully reached the North Col of Everest in their exploratory journey from the Tibetan side.

In the Year 1922
The first attempt to climb Everest ends at an altitude of 8320 meters on the northeast ridge.

In the Year 1924
Mallory and Irvine who try Everest again, was lost at an altitude of about 8400 meters. His colleague, Edward Norton, reaching 8570 meters, record the time, alone and without the aid of an oxygen tank.

In the Year 1931
Schmid brothers reach the summit via the north wall of the Matterhorn, as well as North Wall Climbing childbirth fever. Improved living standards in the UK and mainland Europe in general, cause changes in the pattern of city dwellers spend their spare time, causing the popularity of rock climbing.

In the Year 1932
Grivel introduces ice claws (crampoon) model 12 gear, which due to ineffectiveness remains favored until now.

In the Year 1933
Comici from Italy to climb the north wall of Cima Grande overhang Lavredo in the Dolomite region, Eastern Alps, marking the first aid climbing. Around this same Vibram soles Bramini ditermukan by Vitale.

In the Year 1936
Dr.AHColijn, general manager of the Dutch oil company near Sorong, and DrJ.J.Dozy geologist, discovered copper ore in the region east of Glacier Moriane wall, not far from the Carstensz area, Irian.

In the Year 1937
Bill Murray to change the length of the stick climber ice axes, marking the birth of modern ice climbing.

In the Year 1938
North wall of the Eiger in Switzerland finally managed to climb, by a joint team of West Germany and Austria, which Hitler promised hereafter with Olympic gold medal. Wall of death has previously been swallowed quite a lot of casualties, and continues today. .

In the Year 1941
Archbold Expedition 'find' Baliem Valley, Dani sac with a very high level of culture, in the midst of wilderness that seemed endless and impenetrable. Irian more so the attention of scientists the world.

In the Year 1949
Nepal opened its borders to outsiders.

In the Year 1950
China annexed Tibet. Himalayan ascent from this side is not allowed anymore. Maurice Herzog led the French expedition to climb Annapurna (8091m), 8000-the peak of the first, marking the beginning of the Golden Age of 20 years of climbing in the Himalayas. In the Alps, nylon rope began to be used. Previously, rope fiber plants have almost no flexibility, so that there is 'law' that a leader must not fall, because almost certainly struck a broken hip. Goose down clothing began to make the nights more comfortable in the Bivouac.

In the Year 1951
Don Whillan find a mate, Joe Brown, the duo's strongest climbers who had owned the UK. Climbing is free (free climbing) British style benchmark the world rock climbing. Walter Bonatti et al. Grand Capucin completing the east wall, aid climbing early in the cliff wall into big category.
Beginning in England, Rock Revolution. Limestone cliffs that was not as fragile as long as it is presumed. Cliffs of granite and other igneous rocks have a rival.

In the Year 1952
Herman Buhl in the wall solo Piz Badile in northeastern Switzerland, in 4 1 / 2 hour. This is the ancestor of speed climbing. Record time on the route, which was made in 1937, 52 hours!

In the Year 1953
Herman Buhl et al. reaching peak Nanga Parbat (8125 m), 8000-the peak of the second climb of people. Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay who are members of a British expedition, became the first humans to stand atop the roof of the world, Everest.

In the Year 1954
Successful British expedition on Kangchenjunga, Makalu expedition success in France (8463 m). In the Alps, Don and Joe Brown noted Whillan western wall of Aiguille du Dru in 2 days, another record.

In the Year 1955
Walter Bonatti pillar southwest solo du Dru 6 days.

In the Year 1956
Japanese expedition successfully climbed Manaslu (8163 m). Japan soon became one of the major countries in the world of climbing in the Himalayas.

In the Year 1957
Herman Buhl and Austrian team reach the summit Broad Peak (8047 m), while fixing the first ascent of the mountain 8000's with the alpine tactic.

In the Year 1958
Pioneer airfield opened in several locations in New Guinea, the spirit of the mountain climbers to try out Carstensz, the virgin snow on the equator.

In the Year 1960
Claudio Barbier of Belgium third solo on the northern wall in a Tre Cima Laverdo day. First time using techniques combined speed free climbing and aid climbing.
Helmets start frequently used by rock climbers.
Harness to be mandatory, following the death of a British climber on Dolomite. Harness the first mass produced and sold to the public is made of webbing, Tankey brand.
48 Citatah cliff began to be used as a training event for our Army.

In the Year 1961
Expedition from New Zealand trying to climb the Carstensz Pyramide but fails because the delay logistic support through the air bridge.

In the Year 1962
Peak Cerstensz Pyramide team finally managed to grasp oteh Heinrich Heiner. Peak Eidenburg also nearby, by an expedition led by Phillip Temple.
Early use of bolts climbing in the Alps; Cliff beach began to demand. Climbers United States began to speak in the Alps, begins Hemmings and Robbins who created the track super hard on the west wall du Dru.

In the Year 1963
Joint British-US team to climb the south wall Aiguille du Fou, technical hardest climbing in the Alps when Ilu, with the techniques of climbing aid the U.S. forces. Code of Conduct in rock climbing began much debated in the drinking houses. The first solo climbing the Eiger Nordwand, by Michel Darbellay, in one day.
Bonatti and Zapelli ate mix climbing (ice and rock) most difficult in the Alps, the north wall of the Grand Pilier d'Angle, Mont Blanc. A glacier expert who recently returned from Antarctica trying to land his airplane in the Puncak Jaya, near Carstensz. Fortunately dissuade high winds, heavy snow because there was too soft as a runway. But the tail, two DC 3 aircraft crashed in northern and southern slopes, at an altitude of about 4300 meters.

In the Year 1964
China's successful expedition to climb Shisha Pangma (8046 m) in Tibet, the only 8000's peak which is located outside Nepal and Pakistan (Karakoram). Some Japanese climbers and three military men, Fred Athaboe, Sudarto and Sugirin, who joined in the expedition of Paradise, managed to reach the Carstensz Peak (4884 m) in New Guinea. Two associations of birth of the oldest mountain climbers, Mapala Wanadri Ul in Jakarta and Bandung. This year is considered the early history of mountain climbing in Indonesia.

In the Year 1965
One hundred years of climbing the first ascent of the Matterhorn is commemorated with coverage Hornli et al. By the BBC / TV to the top. For the first time mountain climbing and rock climbing into a sport that can also 'watch' people.
Robbins and John Harlin U.S. dri make a straight line on the west wall du Dru, demonstrating excellence in the U.S. climber climbing a long and heavy. Government of Nepal Himalayas closed ascent in the region.

In the Year 1967
Revolution for ice climbers. Chouinnard introduce endless curved ice axes, and offers the kind Terodactyl McInnes. Birth of tubular ice screws raise the standard of climbing ice climbing.
The use of rope kernmantle spearheaded by the British.

In the Year 1968
Breath of fresh air for the climbers, a number of airfields's Catholic mission was opened (Ji Irian. But damn basic, almost simultaneously with the Government of Rl is no longer issuing permits in the region climbing Carstensz.

In the Year 1969
Reinhold Messner was out of the hermitage on the cliffs of the Eastern Alps, meluruk westward, brushing the walls of giant ice Drotes test within 81 / 2 hours solo, breaking the previous record, 3 days.
Japanese climber, climbers began to flood the market in the Alps, among others, make new tracks on the Eiger.
Census conducted British Mountaineering Club (BMC) said there were 45 000 500 000 climbers and walkers, in the UK alone.
Phone premiere magazine 'Mountain' in circulation, the media mountaineer and rock climber who first circulated widely in English, so a lot of influence over the development of debate and opinion.
Nepal government to reopen the area for climbing the Himalayas, with some new rules and restrict climbing on the tops of peaks are listed in the permitted only. Trekking agencies such as the growing commercial and lice berjibun yak, tickling the small groups from outside the 'messing around' in the Himalayas with easy and inexpensive.
Soe Hok Gie and ldhan Lubis died at Mount Semeru, exposed to toxic gases.

In the Year 1970
Annapurna South wall encroached upon the English team, cut the ribbon opening the era of difficult climbing routes on big mountains. Difficulty level trajectory becomes more important than just reaching the peak. It could not be separated from the more sophisticated the ice climbing gear, climbing speed increased dramatically.
Artificial climbing in the Alps, popular and rich technique added. Less is more this year also born branches climbing wall. The cliffs made the first known person most likely established at the University of Leeds, UK. Designer Don Robinson, who later also designed the climbing wall at Acker's Trust, Birmingham, the first climbing wall which is claimed to accommodate any grip, pljakan and rock climbing movement, while offering a form of artistic sculpture.
Accordingly, forms a separate exercise in rock climbing began to reverberate. One pioneer is Pete Livesey, who are also lovers speleologi climbers and sport canoe, and have no basis in athletics as a sprinter. Pete knows the importance of training specific to the types of sport. And he tried to apply the same principle in rock climbing. Slowly but surely, rock climbing began to be viewed more as an athletic activity, rather than just 'rah-rah on the cliff'. No longer adequate motto 'best training for climber is climbing', let alone just by cultivating masculinity through the glasses of beer, as long as & embraced.

In the Year 1971
Carstensz area re-opened to climbing, soon invaded by expeditions from Australia, Germany, U.S., and even Hong Kong. This year also made it to the UI Mapala Puncak Jaya, among others, by Herman O. Loud and Rudy Badil, Indonesia civilians first.

In the Year 1972
For the first time climbing the wall into the Olympic schedule, which is demonstrated in the Munich Olympics.

In the Year 1974
Pair Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler climb Hidden Peak (8068 m) in the Karakoram, 3 days with Alpine push, then broke the speed record Eiger, 10 hours.

In the Year 1975
The expedition team of Japan became the first woman to summit Everest setting. Meanwhile, China sent its first team, from the northeast ridge. Ice climbing equipment more complete and more accurate weather forecast with computer intervention. Consequently, as there is no longer the remote corners of the Alps.
However, the patches begin to feel merisihkan magnesium limestone cliffs in the UK and mainland Europe, mostly alleged as the act of a climber, climbers 'green', which sell magnesium on trajectories that should be exceeded without the powder.

In the Year 1976
Suliztiarto Harry could no longer restrain his obsession, with a nylon rope he began to practice rock climbing in Citatah, and dibelay by his aides. The first stakes of modern rock climbing in Indonesia.

In the Year 1977
Skygers Amateur Rock Climbing Group was founded in Bandung by Harry Suliztiaito, Agus Resmonohadi, Heri Hermanu, Deddy Wisdom. This is the beginning of the spread of rock climbing activities in Indonesia.
New Zealand expedition tried to climb Everest without Sherpas. They just up the South Col, but they they seemed to hit a gong echoes merantak everywhere, 'independent expeditions'. The pros consider it as honesty is mandatory, the cons harassed as a silly vanity. The debate did not end until now.

In the Year 1978
Messner & Habeler stir in the world with kangouw Himalayan climbing Everest without an oxygen tank. Add a tantrum when Messner at Nanga PQrtied solo within 12 days. Climbing solo is by many experts considered more important than the ascent without oxygen.
Government of Nepal to add some peaks permitted.

In the Year 1979
Harry climbed onto the roof Suliztiarto Planetarium, Taman Ismail Marzuki.

In the Year 1980
Parang cliff for the first time by the ITB team, under the leadership of Harry Sulisztiarto. Wanadri for the first organized expedition to Carstensz in Jayawijaya Mountains. Skygers organize rock climbing school for the first time. Until now no longer a group that made rock climbing for public education like this.

Government of Nepal opened the winter climbing opportunities, in addition to spring and autumn. More and more foot paths flatten corners dipelbagai Himalayas, high kikan garbage piled up here and there. Instead, it is said more foreign currency flowing into it. But who is richer?
In the Year 1981
Two expeditions in Indonesia as well as the south wall of Carstensz, Mapala Ul and ITB. One member of the team Mapala Ul, Hartono Basuki, autumn here. Jayagiri from Bandung sends mountaineers Danardana attend school in Glenmore Lodge, Scotland, continued ascent of the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

In the Year 1982
Jayagiri sending people back, Irwanto, to a climbing school in the ISM, Switzerland, 4 persons dilanjulkan expedition to Mont Blanc in France, and the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa in Switzerland.
Gideon Bandung Ahmad from the group killed 48 Citatah fall in Cliff, the first victim of rock climbing in Indonesia.

In the Year 1984
UGM (Mapagama) Gajah Mada expedition team sent to Irian Jaya. The team reached the summit climb Carstensz Pyramide through normal channels.
Linga cliff in Trenggalek, East Java, as well as coastal cliffs Uluwatu in Bali, had climbed by a group Skygers with GAP (Combined Children's Adventurers) from Surabaya.

In the Year 1985
Serelo cliff in Lahat, South Sumatra, had climbed by a team calling itself Juvenile Expedition. Ul Mapala expedition failed to reach Chulu West Peak (6584 m) in the Himalayas, Nepal. Jayagiri failed expedition to climb the Eiger Nordwand.

In the Year 1986
Exclusive combined group scaled the cliffs at the southern Bambapuang Toraja, South Sulawesi.
Ketompok UKL (Environmental Know Unit) Padjadjaran University Bandung Lanang Mountain climbing in East Java.
Bandung-climber climber Jayagiri completed in waterfall wall Ponot Sigura-Gura, North Sumatra.
Jayagiri repeat Eiger climbing expedition, berthasil, creating a new path. Ul Mapala sent an expedition to the summit of Kilimanjaro (5895 m) in Africa, among others, Don Hasman (Journalist Pearl).
The first rock climbing competition in the world held in the Soviet Union, on the cliff of nature, and was also aired oteh TVRI.

In the Year 1987
Four Members of the University of Trisakti died expedition Aranyacala mob attacked on the way to Irian Pengacau Jayawaijaya.
Wanadri finish climbing expedition Camel Rock Climbing in West Kalimantan. Trupala group climbing Mount Elephant in Central Java. Pikul Skygers eaten in East Java.
Several expeditions and climbers Indonesia sent abroad. Ul Mapala to Top of Chimborazo (6267 m) and Cayambe (failed) in the Andes, South America.
Indonesia Women expedition to lmja Tse Climbing Himalayas, Himalayas, almost simultaneously with two members of the expedition which was originally Marathon Saddle Jayagiri ambitious but shouldered the bike to the top of the bureaucracy Terhadang Nepal. In Africa, this bike expedition succeeded in achieving the highest peak, Kilimanjaro (5895 m) and Mount Kenya (5199 m, without a bike).
The expedition failed to reach the summit Wanadri Vasuki Parbat (6792 m) in Garhwal Himalaya, India.
Rock climbing in the first race held in Indonesia in the Jimbaran beach cliffs Ball.

In the Year 1988
Climbing wall for the first time introduced in Indonesia, carried by four French climbers who were invited athletes for their cooperation with the Office Menpora French Embassy in Jakarta. They also had to give science short courses through to the climber, climber us. Simultaneously, born & Climbing Mountain Climbing Federation of Indonesia, headed by Harry Suliztiarto.
For the first time compiled a series of championships competing for the World Cup Climbing Wall-sanctioned and supervised directly by the UIAA (International body in charge of federations rock climbing and mountain climbers), beginning with the championship in Snowbird, Utah, USA.
The first rock climbing expedition conducted entirely by women, Princess Expedition Aranyacala Parang, Tower III. While climbing the cliffs of Mount Twin sons in Citeureup.
UKL Padjadjaran University in Bandung Expeditions Camel Rock, West Kalimantan, losing one of its members, Yanto Martogi Sitanggang free fall. Speed ​​climbing in Indonesia conducted by Sandy & Teak, on the north wall of Parang, 3 hours. Was also a big climbing wall without using a safety first at all, both are only connected by a rope.
Competition climbing 'cliffs' artificial first conducted in Bandung, taking electrical substation wall.
The expedition succeeded in placing three pendakinya Wanadri on Pumori Peak (7145 m) in the Himalayas, Nepal, followed by pair Hendricus Mutter and Vera from climbing Jayagiri Imja Tse (6189 m), without the help of Sherpas.
Then in the Alps, Jayagiri Speed ​​Climbing Expedition failed to meet the target time of 2 days of climbing the Eiger north wall, stretched to 5 days. While the expedition from Jakarta Pataga succeeded in creating a new path on the same wall.
In Yosemite, USA, Sandy Febyanto and Teak Pranoto Jayagiri climbing cliffs of Half Dome (failed to solve retor John Bachar & Peter Croft 4.5 hours) and the cliffs of El Capitan (failed to break the record 10.5 hours).

In the Year 1989
Beginning in the world of rock climbing ducking disaster-stricken Indonesia, the death of one of Indonesia's best climber, Sandy Febyanto, fall in Cliff Pawon, Citatah. But soon, the spirit of the deceased as it spreads out in all directions, printing spur climbing achievements in this Mother Earth.
Climbing Team Yogyakrta / TPTY an expedition to the North wall of Carstensz but failed to reach the peak of the direct, but managed to climb Carstensz normal path before.
Return the area encroached upon Citeureup Aranyacala child, this time Cliff Rungking.
Arek-arek Malang Young Pioneer of rock climbing in around Mungkur Elephant in the crater of Mount Kelud. Then the team in its preparation Jayagiri to Lhotse Shar in Nepal, set a target of climbing all the tops of the cliffs around the crater Kelud before, but to no avail. Lhotse Shar Expedition itself cancel to leave.
Uluwatu cliff climbing expedition a second daughter, of Mahitala Unpar.
MEGA Group University Terumanegara perform Marathon Rock Climbing Expedition, consecutive Citatah cliffs, Parang, Elephant Mungkur, and ended up in Uluwatu, in almost a month, the first marathon rock climbing in Indonesia. Princess Expedition Lipstick Aranyacala he Bambapuang, but misfortune befall before the summit unattainable. Irfan Ali Coal, team photographer, was killed slipping from the heights.
This year recorded no fewer than ten wall climbing championships held in Indonesia. Some are big among others at the University of Parahyangan Bandung, Jakarta Trisakti University, ISTN Jakarta, at Headquarters Special Forces Group I Attack, twice by Trupala SMA-6 (in the Central Council and Ancol), and SMA 70 Jakarta Bulungan, FT KAPA group Ul, Geology ITB.
Ul Mapala make two expeditions, Mount Cook (3764 m) in New Zealand and McKinley Peak (6149 m) in Alaska. Four members of Wanadri follow courses in ice climbing Rainier Mountaineering Institute in the U.S., followed by joining the U.S. expedition to Kangchenjunga in the Himalayas.
In the Alps, Alpine Indonesia Women expedition also successfully completed his mission, climb the five highest peaks in the 5 countries of Europe, Mont Blanc (4807m, France), Grand Paradiso (4601 m, Italy), marts Rosa (4634 m, Switzerland), Grossgiockner (3978 m, Austria) and Zugsptee (2964 m, West Germany).
Later this year closed with a buzz Budi Cahyono perform solo climbing in Tower III Cliff Parang. Artificial climbing solo on the big wall first in Indonesia.

In the Year 1991
Aryati became the first Asian woman who managed to set foot on the peak of Annapurna IV, the Himalayas, the Annapurna Expedition Indonesia Putri Patria.
Heroine Team Climbing Team Yogyakarta (6 persons) to make paths in the Bukit Embankment, Tulung Agung, East Java.

In the Year 1992
World adventures Indonesia again grieving the loss of two of the best, Norman Edwin and Didiek Syamsu, UI Mapala members were killed in a storm on Mount Aconcagua lunge, Argentina.
Putri Indonesia expedition climbers set foot on the peak of Cima Ovest Cliffs, Tre Cime, Italy.
Princess Equator Expedition Climbing Team Yogyakarta climb the north wall of Mount Tenebrous, Sintang, West Kalimantan.

In the Year 1996
Clara Sumarwati create controversy in the ascent on Everest, the highest peak in the Himalayas on September 26, 1996. Many people in Indonesia who doubted that her legs had been planted on the highest peak in the world. But based on data from Adventure in January 2002 the name of Clara Sumarwati has been listed as Everest climbers to 836.

In the Year 1997
Private Asmujiono Clara following set foot on the summit of Mount Everest on April 26. Adventure according to records, he was the man to 851. Asmujiono Everest expedition team set off with Indonesia, which is a combination of members of Kopassus and other civilian climbers.
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